The model "Tappert" is our standard model, which, for instance, Scott Tennant uses for many years.

The model "Tappert" is the development of the former guitar support "ErgoPlay professional".

Inventor: Johannes Tappert

If you don´t know our guitar support, yet, the model "Tappert" is with high probability the support of your choice.

Through the adjustment in inclination, angle and height you are able to adapt the rest to your body size and your playing habits, easily.


The model "Tröster" is our special model

Not only for large guitarists.

Inventor: Michael Tröster

The model "Tröster" is our special model with two adjustable arms, ideal for Tröster´s school.


The model "Tappert for kids" is ideal for children guitars with narrow frames

For frames between 87mm and 72mm.

Smaller version of the model "Tappert" with smaller suckers. Thanks to the versatile adjustment "grows" the guitar rest with your child and your child always sits ergonomically correct.

Instead, children playing already on the normal-sized guitar, can use the model "Tappert" for adults.


Many more examples can be found on our Youtube-Channel.