ErgoPlay Guitar rests


ErgoPlay is the ergonomic playing aid for classical guitar.

ErgoPlay warrants more fun in making music by a dynamic and mostly exhaustion-free playing posture.
Leisure time musicians and concert guitar players alike value this new wellness effect.

Adults can chose between two different postures depending on personal preference. There are special models for children and left-handed musicians.

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ErgoPlay model "Tappert"

ErgoPlay standard version

If you have no experience with our guitar rest yet, the "Tappert" rest will be your first choice.

44.90 *
49.90 €

ErgoPlay model "Tröster"

The "Tröster" rest is our special model and has two adjustable arms. It is perfect if one wants to perform like Mr. Tröster.

67.40 *
74.90 €

ErgoPlay "Tappert for kids"

for children's guitars with smaller frames

frames between 87mm and 72mm

38.70 *
43.00 €

ErgoPlay Professional

ErgoPlay "professional" is our basic guitar rest. The advanced version is the "Tappert" model.

38.70 *
43.00 €

ErgoPlay Professional "for kids"

Guitar support for children guitars with rib width up to 86 mm.

38.70 *
43.00 €
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery