ErgoPlay Guitar rests

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ErgoPlay model "Tappert"

standard version

If you have no experience with our guitar rest yet, the "Tappert" rest will be your first choice.

44.90 *
49.90 €

ErgoPlay model "Tröster"

special version

Two adjustable arms. It suits perfect for the technique prefered by Michael. Tröster.

67.40 *
74.90 €

ErgoPlay "Tappert for kids"

for children's guitars with smaller frames

frames between 87mm and 72mm

38.70 *
43.00 €

ErgoPlay Professional

ErgoPlay "professional" is our basic guitar rest. The advanced version is the "Tappert" model.

38.70 *
43.00 €

ErgoPlay Professional "for kids"

Guitar support for children guitars with rib width up to 86 mm.

38.70 *
43.00 €
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